Conservatives rally for Trump in Ulster


Trump supporters rally

TOWN OF ULSTER – About three dozen local conservatives flew American
flags on Ulster Avenue in the Town of Ulster Monday afternoon, to celebrate
President’s Day, support Donald Trump, and oppose sanctuary cities.

The City of Kingston last year declared itself a santuary city.
The gathering stood silently outside the shopping district, gently pelted
by a late winter drizzle.
Passing cars and tractor trailers honked their horns in support.
“We’re out there with the flags, and speaking, just letting the people know that we support this country, and we support the Office of the President of the United States,” explained Ed Gaddy, Conservative Party chairman for Ulster County, who organized the rally. “This country has to go on. For the last year it has been non-stop, and a lot of it, I blame some of it on the media.”.

One lone counter protester

Gaddy said the national conversation is all wrong. “Who cares what Melania wears on her feet when the North Koreans are ready to throw missiles at us? The naysayers, I question which planet they came from,” Gaddy said.
Fellow Conservative Richard Cahill Jr. agreed. “I’m here to be part of this as a very positive statement that we live in the United States, the greatest country in the world,” Cahill said. “It’s Presidents Day, so we’re here to show support for our president. Whether the president is a conservative or a liberal, once he or she becomes the president, they are our president; we don’t do any of that ‘not our president’ stuff.”
Both men laughed at how a solitary counter-protester lost his temper and barraged the flag-wavers with strings of epithets. “I figured for every thumbs-up we got, we’d get another appendage, in the air as well, but we really haven’t,” Cahill said. “We’ve had pretty good response today.”