Newburgh seeks fifth Gun Involved Violence Elimination initiative grant


NEWBURGH – In its continuing effort to reduce violence in Newburgh, the city is seeking a $410,000 state “GIVE” grant – the Gun Involved Violence Elimination initiative.
This is the fifth such grant for which Newburgh is eligible and Mayor Judy Kennedy told council members Monday night that the city must continually work to change its image.
“We do that by consistently pointing out what is good about the place, the progress we are making,” Kennedy said. “We haven’t got there yet, we have work to do, the gun violence is still there, but I like to consistently talk about the glass that is half full versus the glass that is half empty and help people understand this is a good place to invest and that we are making progress and are working together to do it.”
Councilwoman Hillary Rayford supports the GIVE initiative having lost family members to Newburgh violence.
Councilman Jonathan Jacobson said gun violence “impedes our progress.” 

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