Blooming Grove man charged with murder for killing his brother


George Bawn

MOUNTAIN LODGE PARK – Police are investigating a fatal shooting
at 8 Pioneer Trail in the Mountain Lodge Park area of the Town of Blooming
Grove. It is believed that a man shot and killed his brother.
The shooting took place around 4:30 p.m. at 8 Pioneer Trail. The alleged
shooter was apprehended a short time later nearby at 89 Sylvan Trail. 
Neighbor Alayne Kaiser saw the suspect after he knocked on her front door, she told Mid-Hudson News.
“He was at my door and walked across the street to that Ford,” Kaiser said. “He went around to the back and crouched down for about five to 10 minutes – didn’t move a muscle – picks up, I guess he heard the police, hid the gun – I saw him hide the gun. He walked 120 feet then laid down on the ground.”
Kaiser identified the alleged shooter as “George.”
State Police are expected to release details of the shooting later. 

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