State Civil Service gives a thumbs’ down to appointment of Solomon as Newburgh police chief


back to the drawing board for the City of Newburgh in its search for a
permanent police chief.

The State Civil Service Commission has rejected the appointment of Beacon
City Police Chief Douglas Solomon to be Newburgh chief.

City Manager Michael Ciaravino had asked for an opinion as to if a chief’s
test that Solomon took when he was Monticello village police chief years
ago could be acceptable for the Newburgh post and the state said it could
not be used.

Ciaravino is disappointed with the word from Albany. “Chief Solomon
was eager to begin the work here, and we were excited to have a leader
of his nature and extensive experience enhance our impressive leadership
in the NPD,” he said. “I am certainly glad I asked civil service
before making the appointment.”

Ciaravino said there is no specific time frame in which to name a new
chief, although he would like to do it “as quickly as possible.”

Newburgh has had a series of acting chiefs from within the ranks of its
lieutenants ever since the last permanent chief retired.


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