Nuclear subsidy court case to continue

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ALBANY – A motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging billions in ratepayer subsidies for aging nuclear power plants in New York has been rejected by State Supreme Court in Albany.
That means the case, brought by Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and other groups, will continue.
Clearwater’s Manna Jo Greene said the subsidies as part of the state’s Clean Energy Standard, are being used to bail out the James A. Fitzpatrick, R.E. Ginna and Nine Mile Point Unit 1 and Unit 2 nuclear power plants.
“We estimate that New Yorkers have paid $360 million to subsidize aging nuclear facilities in Western New York and think that these funds would be much better invested renewable energy infrastructure with storage and energy efficiency and clean technologies rather than essentially bailing out aging nuclear facilities,” she said.
Greene said the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan is not part of this subsidy plan.
“The judge ruled that because Indian Point has not yet applied for the subsidies – they are facing closure in 2020 and 2021 – they could be eligible for a year or two of subsidy, but because they have not applied for the so-called zero emission credits that that was not ripe for consideration,” Greene said.
The suit charges that the state Public Service Commission failed to follow the law in giving up to $7.6 billion in ratepayer money over 12 years.