CPV is thumbing its nose at the public, says opponents


WAWAYANDA – The CPV electric generating plant was tested Friday night, but with oil, not natural gas as was planned.
Crews have been clearing the path for the Millennium Pipeline lateral to the plant that will supply gas to the facility.
The weekend test spewed smoke over the Middletown area.
One of the leaders in the opposition to the power plant is actor James Cromwell, a resident of nearby Warwick.
“In effect, the company is giving the middle finger to New York and to the citizens of New York,” Cromwell said. “Performing this test while corruption trial in New York begins, which directly involves bribery in the certification and permitting of this plant, as well as the trial we are having on appeal to try to stop this, I think we have highly legitimate grounds.”
Opponents of the plant lost their initial attempt to have the Millennium lateral construction halted.

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