Maloney says if budget is not resolved, he will give up his paycheck


WASHINGTON – Congressman
Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18) announced that he will not accept a paycheck
if the government shuts down tonight at midnight.

On Thursday night, the House of Representatives passed its fourth short-term
funding bill since late September, but if the Senate fails to pass the
bill today, the government will run out of funding.

In a letter to House Chief Administrative Officer Philip Kiko, Maloney
asked that his paycheck be withheld if the government is shut down.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – do
your job or don’t get paid – that’s a rule everyone
outside of Washington lives by, and it should apply to me and my colleagues
as well,” said Maloney. “If Congress doesn’t pass a
budget, they shouldn’t be paid. Simple as that.”

The Hudson Valley House member is a co-sponsor of the No Budget, No Pay
Act, which would ensure the federal government avoids defaulting on its
debt and would withhold congressional pay until a comprehensive budget
is passed by Congress.

Maloney is also a co-sponsor of the No Government No Pay Act, which mandates
that, in the event of a federal government shut down, members of Congress
would not be compensated until a budget has been passed and all government
employees are back to work.


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