SUNY New Paltz contributes over $350 million to local economy


The campus was a winter wonderland on Wednesday (SUNY New Paltz Facebook photo)

NEW PALTZ – SUNY New Paltz is ranked the top employer in Ulster County and a major driver of economic activity through direct spending, student and visitor spending, employment and voluntary contributions.
According to the school’s 2017 economic impact statement, it generated $59.2 million in overall economic activity and 3,439 jobs annually to the regional economy and that translated to $415.9 million and 4,100 jobs to the state economy. Those translate into increases of $23 million in economic activity and 178 new jobs since the last economic impact report was compiled four years ago.
SUNY New Paltz directly employs 1,707 full- and part-time employees, up 108 since 2011-2012, and that does not include student workers.
In 2014-2015, the college’s expenditures totaled $56.1 million, generating 135 jobs in the Hudson Valley and 341 jobs in the state.
Visitors to the campus spent an estimated $4.3 million on lodging, meals, recreation, transportation and shopping in New Paltz and surrounding areas.
Some 52,000 alumni of working age – 65 and younger – generated just under $1.1 billion in value-added earnings, above and beyond what they would earn with a high school degree.