Monroe Police launch new drug abuse support program


MONROE – Residents of the Village of Monroe who are suffering from drug abuse have another outlet to break the habit.
The police department has launched L.E.A.D.S. – Law Enforcement Assisted Drug Abuse Support.
Police Chief David Conklin said the program is aimed at helping those suffering from addiction to seek treatment and recovery.
“Anybody who has an addiction to any type of drug or alcohol may walk into our police station can walk into our police station at any time, they can turn over any drugs that they might have – they will not be arrested – but we will get them help into treatment or detox and recovery,” Conklin said.
The chief said the program in no way diminishes the police department’s role in pursuing the arrest and conviction of those who sell and/or possess narcotics.
Town of Wallkill Police have a similar program to assist residents. 

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