Opposition to Legoland is far from over, says attorney


GOSHEN – Merlin Entertainments may have received Goshen Town Board approval to build a Legoland children’s theme park, but the attorney for those opposing the facility, said it is not a done deal.
The opposition group says the approval should not have been granted.  Their lawyer, Michael Sussman, said he plans on filing a lawsuit in an attempt to block it.
“The public should never believe it to be a done deal,” Sussman said. “Our courts are a co-equal branch of government and it is unfortunate that for whatever reason, the crowd that wants Legoland has tried to convince the public that the court is not a co-equal branch of government; they are, and they have a say with regard to this because we have serious allegations of illegal practices that were engaged in by the various boards here. They did not follow the law. Since they didn’t follow the law, the court should, and I think, have to intervene.”
Legoland officials hope to start site preparation work soon and have the amusement park open by the spring of 2020.