Middletown budget under tax cap


MIDDLETOWN – The Middletown Board of Estimate approved the city’s 2018 budget, which comes in under the state tax cap. The bottom line is a house assessed at $30,000 will see taxes go up over $8.
The $39.8 million general fund includes full staffing of the police department, said Mayor Joseph DeStefano, a member of the board.
“We will be up to a total of 67 police with the vacancies that we budget. There will be no new, but we did re-budget the vacancies,” DeStefano said.
That means that two unfilled police officer positions will be filled.
The fund balance will not be tapped to subsidize the spending plan, but $2 million in sewer and water revenue will subsidize the property tax.
Next step will be a hearing on the budget followed by adoption by the common council in December.