Former deputy Putnam County executive named to top federal post

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Walker, right, takes the oath from Energy Secretary Rick Perry

CARMEL – Former Deputy Putnam County Executive Bruce Walker has been appointed to the post of assistant secretary for the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability at the US Department of Energy.
Walker, a Mahopac native who lives with his family in Pawling, has been in County Executive MaryEllen Odell’s administration since she took office on November 11, 2011.
Odell will not fill the vacant deputy executive post in 2018. “Just as many businesses continue to do more with less, I have decided to leave the deputy county executive position vacant for 2018. I have returned the $175,495 (from salary, benefits, pension and employer expenses) back to the taxpayers.”
As the assistant secretary, Walker’s responsibility will be to provide leadership on a national level to modernize the electric grid, enhance the security and reliability of the energy infrastructure and facilitate recovery from disruptions to the energy supply both domestically and internationally.
The US Senate confirmed Walker’s appointment.