Orange County considers shifting Certified Home Health Agency management


GOSHEN – The Orange County Certified Home Health Agency falls under the county Health Department, but county lawmakers are exploring the possibility of shifting it over to the county’s Valley View nursing home.
Health and Mental Health Committee Chairman Michael Anagnostakis said they are in early discussion about the move.
“Valley View can then pick up that service because they refer out, and I think (Commissioner) Laurence Ladue said last year 279 such cases to outside agencies – they weren’t even referring them to Orange County – and if they have the license and the ability to do it in-house, we think they may capture most of that business and after a small start-up period, it should become profitable at some point,” Anagnostakis said.
Because outside home health care agencies have been picking up more of the client base, the number of Orange County’s certified home health care workers has shrunken down to three.