Newburgh CDBG funds in limbo


NEWBURGH – The City of Newburgh has just been notified that its $797,338 federal allocation in Community Development Block Grant funds will be forthcoming from Washington shortly.  The money comes at a time when the 2018 federal budget year has begun with no spending plan approved.
The city must go through the motions and hold a public hearing even though, as City Manager Michael Ciaravino noted Thursday evening, the future of the funding is unclear.
“We are uncertain from week to week what’s going on in Washington with regard to this funding so while we want to talk about it and we want to have the hearing and fulfill all of our requirements, the horse may not come in if the federal government changes its mind,” Ciaravino said. “We stand a 50-50 chance.”
City officials noted that the 2017 CDBG money, which will flow in shortly, has already been spent.