Village of Liberty struggles with century-old broken sewer line

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LIBERTY – It could cost some $700,000 to replace hundreds of feet of clay sewer line running under Main Street in the Village of Liberty. Two weeks ago, the line collapsed in at least two locations totally blocking it prompting Mayor Ronald Stabak to declare a state of emergency.
Stabak said the village hired a consulting company, which installed four
giant pumps to run the sewage from the point of the breaks to other manholes
on above-ground lines.
 Placing a camera into the line found one break 60 feet away and another one 100 feet away in the other direction.
The mayor said a new line must be installed.
“We need to replace this line and that’s over several hundred feet,” he said. “Most of it is in a wooded area. We have to cross over five pieces of private property and whatever work we do we have to restore the private property back to its original condition.”
Stabak said the village will likely have to bond for the work. Sullivan County Government is trying to help the village identify grants and low-interest loans to help pay for the new line, which he hopes could be installed in about a month.