One Sullivan official says the state could encourage more to volunteer for fire, EMS


MONTICELLO – Volunteer fire, ambulance and other EMS organizations are always scrambling for locals to fill their ranks. 
Sullivan County’s deputy county manager, Dan Depew, says it is easy to spot one problem in particular.
 “We feel that the exemptions that are currently authorized for EMS and volunteer firefighters, whether that be income tax or property tax are very small.”
It’s an issue that should be addressed by the state, said Depew, who is asking the county legislature for a memorializing resolution.
 “That in 2018’s budget process, they authorize some lifting of those rates and that would provide some more relief to folks involved volunteer EMS and volunteer firefighting in rural New York State,” Depew said
The state’s fiscal year begins April 1.  Governor Andrew Cuomo will present his budget proposal in January.   

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