“Just nuts” to have automatic weapons, Maloney says of Las Vegas massacre

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18) said he does not want to “trample” on the Second Amendment, but more must be done to prevent further incidents like the mass shootings in Las Vegas Sunday night.
In a tele-town hall meeting Wednesday night, Maloney said government cannot just sit idly by.
“It worries me a lot that a guy like this guy in Las Vegas can have 40 or 50 weapons, that he can have these bump-stocks that effectively create fully automatic fire, which is just devastating,” the congressman said. “Ask any law enforcement agency, ask your local cop, ask any of the people who dealt with this in the past. That is just nuts to have fully automatic fire; that is why the death toll is so high.”
Maloney noted that law abiding gun owners – sportsmen, hunters, collectors – “aren’t shooting up concerts and going to schools shooting up kids.”
Maloney said we cannot just sit around and wait for the next incident. “I reject that we just sit around and be powerless.”