Rockland County announces Puerto Rico relief effort


NEW CITY – “Rockland to the Rescue” is the name that county officials have given to their Puerto Rico relief effort.
They are calling for residents of the county, which has a sizeable Latino population, to donate everything from bottled water to personal hygiene products, diapers and non-perishable foods.
County Executive Edwin Day said the ties between Rockland and Puerto Rico go back generations.
“Many people in our very diverse county come from that island and the heritage they bring with them is long and rich to our county,” Day said. “The ties run deep and so does the pain and disruption of so many lives in the aftermath of the natural disaster.”
Deputy County Executive Guillermo Rosa feels the pain.
“Today I know that adults and children are suffering and are dying every day, every hour in the place where I was born, in the place where I was raised,” Rosa said.
Once relief supplies have been collected in Rockland, they will be transported by UPS to the armory in Yonkers where they will be packaged and shipped to Puerto Rico along with items collected from other counties. 

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