Montgomery man arrested following violent domestic incident

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39-year-old Town of Montgomery man was arrested on Monday following an
incident that began as a domestic quarrel at his Route 208 home.

Town of Montgomery Police responded to a reported suicidal man and found
Steven Garcia shirtless and bloodied, cursing and screaming at his family
and police from his porch.

He was bleeding from a large self-inflicted laceration to his arm.

Garcia threatened to harm police and told officers to shoot him, while
he waved a bloody knife toward officers.

Police gave him several commands to drop the knife and surrender, but
he ignored each command and paced back and forth on the porch in a frenzied
and menacing posture telling police he would “take them out”
if they didn’t leave.

Officers deployed less lethal projective rounds as well as a taser to
subdue him and take him into custody where he was evaluated by police
EMTs who tended to his laceration. He was then transported to the hospital
where he was held and arraigned.

Investigation revealed the incident began as a domestic dispute between
Garcia and family members. Police were able to uncover domestic violence
by Garcia as well as a current order of protection against him.

Police found four knives at the location, two of which were in his possession
at the time of his arrest. A third knife was hidden but within reach of
Garcia as he was arrested.

He was charged with menacing a police officer and criminal contempt as
felonies. He was also charged with misdemeanors of endangering the welfare
of a child, criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, menacing,
resisting arrest, criminal mischief, obstructing governmental administration,
harassment and disorderly conduct.