“Stand up for America,” says Putnam executive


CARMEL – In the wake of
President Trump’s comments critical of professional football players
who refused to stand and salute when the national anthem played at the
beginning of a game, Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell Monday called
for a pro-America rally on Sunday.

She called on residents to gather on Sunday morning at Lake Gleneida in
Carmel to show how “Putnam County stands up for America.”

Odell said the “sounding board of what America means is in the hearts
and souls of our veterans,” not sports figures.

“Does a sound bite matter? Should NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball
players be dictating the way this country views our flag and our national
anthem? Should they be sounding boards for what America truly means? No!”
Odell said.
The county executive hopes her 10 a.m. rally on October 1 with be a
“huge event.”



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