Fragrance, flavoring company expands world headquarters in Orange County

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Persaud, with family members, ready to cut the ribbon

WASHINGTONVILLE – Aurochemicals, a Washingtonville-based global
distributer and developer of natural fragrances and flavorings, Thursday
opened their $1.5 million, 32,000-square-foot world headquarters expansion.
According to VP and CEO Deo Persaud, the business was started in 1994 with only $300 in capital and has always remained family owned and operated.
Persaud said the same things that attracted them to bring their global, niche business to Orange County in the first place, are the same reasons they have decided to continue to expand their operation there.
“Orange County has been very receptive to our business, very helpful in terms of financing, logistically correct for shipping, Newburgh airport is close by, the trucking terminals are close by, interstate highways are very close-by, 287 and Route 17, 84; so, it’s very convenient for us to ship our products out to customers,” said Persaud.
Shipping ease, Persaud said, was a major factor when deciding to continue to expand within Orange County because they maintain a 24-hour shipping schedule for all of their customers.
Along with companies like Amy’s Kitchen, Angry Orchard, a very close to confirmed Legoland and others, Aurochemicals is representative of the changing economic climate of the county and is setting a precedent that the county is a business friendly place, said Orange County Chamber of Commerce President Lynn Cione.
“We’re having a huge boom and everything feeds off of each other and what’s happening, because the economy has loosened up a little bit, is people are willing to take risks,” Cione said. “So, here in Orange County, we’re seeing growth with new companies; we’re also seeing existing companies grow.”
Seeing as Aurochemicals is a unique, as well as global, company, Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus said he recognizes the benefit of having them in the county.
“They could have gone anywhere in this country. A lot of other places are competitive,” said Neuhaus. “The fact that they’ve decided to stay here, call this their home, is just a great thing.”
Persaud expects to hire seven to ten more employees beyond the 17 currently on the payroll.
Additionally, Aurochemicals is already planning another expansion, a 25,000-square-foot addition to the east of this expansion. Persaud said they have already ordered materials, have been approved and are looking to begin the new expansion in about a month.