Orange lawmakers to ask the state to safeguard residents impacted by CPV


CPV plant in the final stages of construction

GOSHEN – Now that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has overturned the state’s ruling that the Millennium Pipeline extension to the CPV power plant in Wawayanda did not address all environmental issues, the state is exploring its options.
The Health and Mental Health Committee of the Orange County Legislature on Tuesday went on record calling on the state to do what it has to do, committee Chairman Michael Anagnostakis said following the session.
“This resolution says, you the state, need to do everything you can to follow through to look out for the safety and well-being of all the citizens of Orange County and take whatever action you need to take against the feds,” Anagnostakis said. “If you are right and the feds are wrong, then you need to protect the people of Orange County.”
Another resolution before the committee, which essentially called for
the power plant to be dismantled, was rejected.
The full legislature must approve the memorializing resolution at its next full session. 

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