Sullivan County needs drivers for the elderly


MONTICELLO – With more requests than the current crop of volunteers can fulfill, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) urgently seeks additional drivers to take local senior citizens to crucial medical appointments.
“This is an invaluable service to our community but one in which we constantly struggle to maintain a level of volunteer drivers adequate to meet the demand,” said RSVP Project Director Caryn Mathews. “Currently, we average 100+ requests a month yet can only provide drivers for about half of that.”
“Though they live independently, many of our seniors have no means of transportation to take them to needed medical appointments,” explained Debi Allen, director of the Sullivan County Office for the Aging, of which RSVP is a part. “We’re asking our 55-and-older residents who possess a valid driver’s license to donate even just one-half-day a month of their time to help someone’s mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandfather or grandmother continue to have a fulfilling and healthy quality of life.”
RSVP volunteers drive seniors to and from their medical appointments. These seniors are mobile. Some have an aide to accompany them. A driver only needs to get them safely to their destination, wait a short time, then bring them home. The county provides the personal liability insurance coverage and reimbursement for mileage.
Typical trips are to Monticello and Liberty, or to Middletown or Port Jervis.
Anyone interested is asked to call 845-807-0251.

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