Newburgh Police to have more eyes on city streets with additional cameras

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NEWBURGH – There are currently 22 cameras looking at Newburgh city streets and being monitored by the police department for signs of criminal activity.
Within the next several weeks, an additional 13 will be installed.
City Comptroller Katie Mack said how fast they are put up is dependent
upon if the proposed locations on utility poles can accommodate them.
“Assuming all goes well, we can start installing those extra 13 cameras immediately,” Mack said. “If there are some issues where we have to relocate because the health of the pole is not good or there is not enough room for us to put it, that will deter us a little bit, but we are still expecting the fall of this year to have everything completed.”.
The cameras, along with the recently installed ShotSpotter technology, are expected to significantly aid the police in their crime fighting efforts.