Rockland County to donate surplus medical supplies to Dominican Republic


A walker and wheelchair are among the many items heading to the Dominican Republic

NEW CITY – Rockland County will donate surplus medical items from the now-closed county nursing home to Haverstraw organizations that will send them to the Dominican Republic.
The county legislature must approve the donation of the equipment, which includes 80 used regular and motorized wheelchairs, aluminum walkers, eight cases of disposable bed pans, 50 cases of adult diapers and 40 over-the-bed tables along with sheets, blankets, hospital gowns and other supplies.
The items have been stored in a building where the former Summit Park nursing home as located.  Since the closure, the county has been auctioning off items, often receiving pennies on the dollar.
“These items are obviously not doing us any good sitting here taking us space,” said County Executive Edwin Day.
The supplies will go to hospitals, clinics and churches all over the Dominican Republic. 

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