Vietnam vet awarded high school diploma 55 year late


High school graduation party a half-century late for Green who celebrated
with his wife, Chester Village Mayor Thomas Bell and Skoufis

CHESTER – Bruce Green enlisted in the millitary in 1962, with just a half-credit left to graduate from high school.
Green, 73, served during the Vietnam War and years later when he came home, he earned his GED; but he yearned for his actual high school diploma from the school he attended in Forest Hills Queens.
He mentioned that to Assemblyman James Skoufis (D, Woodbury) several months ago, and his office went to work, securing the diploma for Green.
Skoufis presented it to Green on Wednesday before family and friends at the Chester Senior Center,
“It has really been an injustice that for these five-plus decades he has been without his high school diploma,” Skoufis said. “He earned it; he deserves it and quite frankly he puts service to our country ahead of his high school graduation making it even more worthwhile.”
Green said that defending America “took precedent over graduation.” He said he may have taken “a different path than some, but it was well worth it.”

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