State audit finds “questionable” use of Internet by Kent town employees


ALBANY – A state audit of the Town of Kent’s procurement
and information technology found issues with both.

The study by the state comptroller’s office for the period from
January 1, 2016 through January 25, 2017, found the town did not seek
competition to procure goods and services totaling some $268,000 and did
not have a current contract with the IT consultant.

The audit also found several game programs had been downloaded onto town
computers and officials identified “questionable Internet use by
town employees including visiting websites for online banking and investment,
shopping, travel, sports, social networking and entertainment.

The report also said town officials did not develop a disaster recovery

Key recommendations said the town should use a request for proposals process
to select professional services and ensure proper documents are maintained
for future needs and enter into written contracts that “clearly
stipulate” the services to be performed and the compensation for
those services for all current and future professional service providers.
The auditors said the town should develop procedures and controls such
as a filter that restricts software installation and access to websites
and the town should adopt a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for the
protection of equipment and private essential data against damage, loss
or destruction.


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