Cabbie who backed over toddler had no license

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Investigators at the scene of the Monsey fatality

MONSEY – Ramapo Town Police have released the identity of the child
struck and killed by a taxicab as it backed out of the family’s
driveway on Johanna Lane in Monsey on Sunday as Ephraim Szydlow, who was
15 months old.

The driver of the cab, Jorge Garrangui-Castillo, 41, of Monsey was driving
without a license as he picked up a fare at that address, police said.
Two other people were in the Toyota Prius at the time of the deadly incident.

Police said there was no evidence of alcohol or drug involvement.

Garrangui-Castillo was charged with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle
and police said additional tickets may be forthcoming at the end of the