Children must be educated about the ills of using e-cigarettes, says congresswoman


WHITE PLAINS – The use of e-cigarettes by teens is growing at a rapid pace and they need to be educated as to the negative health impacts of smoking those devices.
Conventional cigarette smoking has been reduced over the years through education, and the same must be implemented for the electronic cigarettes, said Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D, NY-17) following a White Plains roundtable she conducted on Wednesday.
“This is an epidemic and only through education helping young people to understand how this is dangerous, it’s not just a fun thing to do, I think it is essential that we spread the word and it has to come from parents, teachers and all through the community,” she said.
Lowey said the real problem is that the actual contents of e-cigarettes are not known and even the exhaled vapors from those devices could have harmful effects on those breathing the nearby air.

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