Orange County Clerk Rabbitt launches re-election campaign


GOSHEN – Republican Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt launched her re-election campaign, seeking a second four-year term.
In her YouTube video message, she outlined accomplishments since she took office 3 ½ years ago.
“I have been doing e-recording, which is recording land records, eliminating the need to have to come to the office and a lot of mail. I have done e-filing, which is filing court papers, which can be done conveniently 24/7 at home; online record search,” she said
Also among accomplishments Rabbitt listed in her administration was eliminating the requirement of purchasing a firearm before applying for a permit.
Rabbitt, who previously served as a state assemblywoman, will be challenged a second time by one of her staffers, Democrat Deborah Mulqueen. 

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