Wallet found 40 years after being stuffed in high school ceiling


EAST FISHKILL – Renovations
underway at John Jay High School in East Fishkill turned up an unusual
discovery, a wallet placed in a ceiling 40 years ago in 1977.

Assistant Principal Paul Albanese contacted East Fishkill Police Chief
Kevin Keefe, who tracked down a family member and eventually, the owner.

How the wallet, belonging to Mary Troy, wound up in the ceiling is up
to conjecture, said Keefe.

“We are assuming it was some kind of prank. There wasn’t any
reason to believe there was any money or other valuables in it, so we
are assuming it was a prank from another student who just tossed it up
there and it was long forgotten about,” Keefe said.
The chief was able to track down Joseph Troy, the brother of the wallet’s
owner. Mary Troy moved to St. Paul, Minnesota years ago, but will be returning
in a couple of weeks to attend their mother’s birthday. She will
retrieve her wallet then.