Parole absconder arrested in Poughkeepsie


POUGHKEEPSIE – A 23-year-old
Poughkeepsie man was arrested on Friday night on a number of charges after
he was being sought as a parole absconder.

Poughkeepsie City Police spotted Corey Latimer on Catherine Street and
he fled as they attempted to arrest him. He was taken into custody following
a short foot chase.

Latimer was charged with felony criminal possession of a weapon, a violation
of unlawful possession of marijuana and as a parole absconder.

The officers and detectives involved in the arrest were working a GIVE
– Gun Involved Violence Elimination detail. GIVE is funded by the
state Division of Criminal Justice Services.
The funding is for strategies focused on the reduction of crimes involving
the use of firearms.

Anyone with information that will assist police in removing illegal handguns
from Poughkeepsie city streets is asked to call the police tips line at