Dump truck crashes into locomotive at Saugerties railroad crossing

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Most of the truck’s front end was torn off by the crash

SAUGERTIES – A New Jersey man was cited for failing to stop at a railroad crossing following the ramming of his dump truck into a CSX locomotive at 892 Kings Highway in Saugerties Friday morning.
Jhon Orozco-Giraldo, 21, of Mine Hills, New Jersey was driving a tri-axel dump truck at 6:34 a.m. when he failed to stop at a railroad crossing and struck the oncoming train.  He was issued a traffic summons for failing to stop at the crossing, which is posted in addition to having a stop sign on both sides of the tracks.
Saugerties Police said although the truck sustained extensive damage, Orozco-Giraldo was not injured.
The Mount Marion and Centerville Cedar Grove fire departments, Diaz Ambulance, DEC Police and CSX Railroad Police assisted at the scene.