State gives City of Poughkeepsie $3 million in municipal aid


POUGHKEEPSIE – The state’s
Financial Restructuring Board has awarded up to $3 million in special
assistance to the City of Poughkeepsie.

The aid supports efforts to operate city government more efficiently,
rewards and acknowledges efforts already underway, and presents recommendation
to guide city officials over the coming year.

The award targets efforts to increase economic development, enhance and
upgrade municipal parking operations and assists with the city’s
shared-services efforts.

The award is one of the largest ever approved for a single municipally
since the Financial Restructuring Board was formed in 2013.

“The FRB isn’t in the business of putting Band-Aids on the
financial problems of local government,” said Republican Mayor Robert
Rolison. “Their mission is to explore opportunities for fundamental
changes, which yield long-term benefits.”

Democratic Councilman Michael Young, a member of the city’s Finance
Committee, said the award is “proof positive that making difficult
structural changes and hard work does pay dividends.”

Young said the funds will “move us from a reactive stance to a proactive
one; making investments where they are needed to best serve our residences
and realize efficiencies for future years.”

Councilman Lee Klein, the lone Republican on the common council, who is
also a member of the Finance Committee, said the grant is welcome news.
“Clearly our efforts thus far in the key areas of restructuring
played a role in the deliberations of the decision-makers for this award.”


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