Bear sighting in East Fishkill

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EAST FISHKILL – Police have received
a report of a bear sighting on a neighbor’s property in the area of Quail
Run Road in Wiccopee. An East Fishkill officer was sent to patrol the
area since it is near a park and playground.
It appears the bear has moved on.
Police note this is the season for young bears to move out of the den
and find their own territory. People may encounter young bears passing
by yards and open spaces looking for food. It is important to keep garbage
cans in garages or sheds and take down bird feeders, since they may attract
Keep pets indoors or supervised while outside. Supervise smaller children
outside and tell older ones not to approach bears but come inside if they
see one.
Call East Fishkill Police at 845-221-2111 should you need assistance.