Poughkeepsie man pleads guilty to Wallkill attempted murder

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GOSHEN – A Poughkeepsie man pled guilty in Orange County Court
on Thursday to attempted murder in connection with the August 31, 2016
robbery of several people and the shooting of one of them. The incident
took place in the Town of Wallkill.

When sentenced in July, Jaylin Smith, 19, is expected to be sentenced
to 18 years in state prison by Judge Nicolas DeRosa.

At about 9:30 at night on August 31, Smith and an accomplice approached
several people on a residential street and at gunpoint the two men ordered
the victims to stand against a car while they stole property from them.

After the robbery, one of the perps shot one of the victims twice. Bullets
were removed from the victim’s back near his spine and from his
chest near his heart. He is currently paralyzed.

Smith’s robbery of the victims at gunpoint “was bad enough,”
said District Attorney David Hoovler, “but he elevated the crime
to an entirely new and dangerous level when he shot one of his victims
after the robbery was complete.”