Poughkeepsie council chair says her use of the word “shyster” was not meant as anti-Semitic


POUGHKEEPSIE – Common Council Chairwoman Natasha Cherry said she did not use the word “shyster” aimed at fellow Poughkeepsie council member Lee Klein as an anti-Semitic slur.
She didn’t like the fact that Klein brought up at the end of last week’s a resolution to override a mayoral veto of funding to extend bus service through the end of the year.
“Being a woman of color I would never say anything that would offend, racially, any group of people. In fact, I do have Jewish people in my family,” Cherry said. “I would never say anything anti-Semitic and it is very disappointing that Mr. Klein could not personally ask me what I meant by ‘shysty,’ which means suspicious, shady or sneaky. It had nothing to do with being anti-Semitic and I am very disappointed that he is using this as a political plow.”.
Klein’s effort to override the mayor’s veto was tabled by other members of the common council.  The override attempt is expected at next Monday’s regular council meeting, which is Cherry’s original intent.