Orange County Government Center to reopen this fall

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The “functional” rebuild, according to Neuhaus, should be done by fall

GOSHEN – Orange County Government offices will be back under one roof this fall when the government center rebuild project is completed.
County Executive Stephen Neuhaus said after years of debate and more recently, construction, the work should be done later this year.
“At the end of the day I call it an arranged marriage for me because
I would have preferred a brand new building, but that ship has sailed,”
Neuhaus said. “What we are going to have is a functional building
that was 10 times better than it was originally built with some efficiencies
on there, and at the end of the day, our government will be consolidated
so people can stop and get their driver’s license renewed, which
DMV will be able to make more revenue, but they may also talk to the Planning,
Budget and Human Resources.”
Since the government center was shuttered several years ago, county offices have been spread around other county buildings and leased space.