Brooklyn community activist offers advice to City of Newburgh


Gore: “look at 
resource development”

NEWBURGH – The head of an anti-violence initiative says there is a direct correlation between homicide and poverty and people in poor areas need to be provided with opportunities to advance. That observation came from Dr. Robert Gore of Brooklyn, an emergency room physician and founder of KAVI – Kings Against Violence Initiative.
Gore spoke to an anti-violence similar in the City of Newburgh on Saturday saying residents need to be provided with the education and tools to move forward with technology and skills for the 21st century.
“The poorest neighborhoods around the United States, whether you are in New York City, whether you are in Newburgh, whether you are in Poughkeepsie; the poorest neighborhoods tend to have the highest concentration of homicides and until you wind up having an economic shift, then those things are going to continue to happen,” he said. “People aren’t fighting and they are not shooting each other, they are not being violent toward one another just because they want to, but because they don’t have any resources.”
Gore said the community must look at resource development and resource allocation and start investing a significant amount of money into long-term development practices for younger people, people who are already involved in the current careers, and older people. “When you don’t pay attention to that, you wind up having communities on the decline.
The conference was held at Mount Saint Mary College, was sponsored by the group 100 Men for Newburgh.