Climate change march held in Port Jervis


A marcher expresses her feelings with her sign

PORT JERVIS – Some 150 people turned out to take part in a March
for Climate in Port Jervis on Saturday. Many in the group gathered early
at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church to make posters and to hear several speakers
prior to the march.

The People’s Climate March was organized locally by Patty Baughman, wife
of Rev. Aaron Baughman, who is the pastor of the sponsoring church.

“When that many people come together to network and share their feelings
about the environment, that’s good,” said Mrs. Baughman.

The Baughmans, who have a daughter who will turn one-year-old in May,
said as parents they wanted to get involved in organizing local participation
in the event that was also held in many other communities across the nation
and including in Washington, DC.

The Baughmans were grateful to have so many turn out to show positive
support for the Earth and for their community as part of the People’s
Climate Sister Marches.

The participants, many carrying banners and signs, marched down East and
Pike streets, through the downtown business district of the city, up Fowler
Street, and back up East Main to the church. Following the march, many
planted flowers and plants near the church, and many also planned to spend
the afternoon hiking the trails around the city and enjoying the outdoors.

Representative of the city’s Outdoor Club of Port Jervis were in attendance,
offering laminated trail and map guides to be used following the march.
“We were able to raise $142 in donations to help with the city’s
maintenance of their trail system,” Mrs. Baughman said.

Many law enforcement units were on hand to assist the group with traffic
and crossing streets along the route, including Port Jervis Police, State
Police, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and Port Jervis Fire Police.