Middletown installs smart water meters

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MIDDLETOWN – High-tech water meters are being installed in Middletown as part of a nationwide Smart City Tech program.
The project is being funded through a $5 million bond, but because of the anticipated savings from conservation and flood prevention, the savings should exceed the borrowed cost, said Mayor Joseph DeStefano.
“We know there’s going to be a savings; how much is going to be determined; but, more importantly, it gives people an opportunity to monitor their water usage and hopefully, save this very valuable resource that everybody’s scrambling to keep, is water,”DeStefano said. The most important part is leak detection and receiving an email from the city should there be a discrepancy in normal water usage, said the mayor.
More than 7,000 smart water metering will be installed in every city residence and will provide a number of new benefits compared to the old metering systems.   The smart meters are tamper-proof, which can prevent fraudulent usage.
The complete conversion to the new meters will take about one year.