Hudson Hall at Hudson Opera House set to reopen

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CITY OF HUDSON – A $7.5 million facelift of Hudson Hall, the second-floor performance space at the historic Hudson Opera House in the City of Hudson has been completed and is set to open with its first official performance on May 7.
The facilities have been undergoing major renovations for some 20 years and Executive Director Gary Schiro said the final piece of the work has been completed thanks to state and federal funds.
“We have been restoring the building since 1992 and in 1998 opened the first room and then subsequently through 12 other capital projects got most of the first floor open, put a new roof on the building and restored the cornice as well,” Schiro said. “We have had activity in the first-floor spaces. Now this is the first time in more than 55 years that the second-floor performance hall will be open to the public.”
Built in 1855, the Hudson Opera House has welcomed great performers, writers and historical figures over the years, including Susan B. Anthony and Theodore Roosevelt.
The Hudson Opera House “has been a longstanding center of cultural and educational programming and has served as a cornerstone of the economic revitalization of the City of Hudson,” said Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton. “The newly redone performance hall will allow the city to serve as host of top-notch programming and further punctuate Hudson’s commitment to the arts.”

After the renovations …

… and before