Municipalities receive state funds to upgrade drinking water, wastewater systems


ALBANY – The New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation has approved grants and interest-free loans to support drinking water and wastewater infrastructure projects in the Hudson Valley.
Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, will receive $11.2 million including a $2.8 million state water grant and an $8.4 million zero-interest loan to design and construct a wastewater improvement project.
The Town of Rockland, in Sullivan County, will receive $5.5 million, including a $4.7 million zero-interest loan for the design and construction of the latest phase of the combined sewer overflow control project.
The City of Middletown, in Orange County, will receive $4 million, including a $975,345 state water grant and a $3 million zero-interest loan, to finance costs associated with the planning, design and construction of replacement sanitary sewer mains, manholes and service laterals in the “black dirt” area of the city.
The Village of Kiryas Joel, in Orange County will receive a $1.5 million low-interest loan to replace 5,154 existing residential and commercial water meters with new ones and upgrade the existing meter reading system.
The Town of New Baltimore, in Greene County, will receive a $2.6 million zero interest loan for the planning, design and construction of wastewater system upgrades. 

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