Newburgh l;andlords seek more tenant responsibility


NEWBURGH – The Orange County Landlords Association is pleased that the Newburgh City Council has adopted a tenant responsibility law to require renters to maintain their apartments. If they do not and that results in damage, they could be subject to fines or community service.
Association president and Newburgh landlord Michael Acevedo had been pushing for a tenants’ responsibility law for years and hopes other municipalities adopt a similar one.    
The landlords group is also considering holding classes for renters.
“How to take care of things, their responsibilities and then if
they do go to this class we would reward them with a certificate and a
discount on their rent,” Acevedo said. “We feel if they pass
this they won’t so much wreck anymore maybe.”
Acevedo got the idea for the tenants’ responsibility law from the City of Kingston, which adopted one in 2012. 

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