Orange County continues as hot-spot for business development


GOSHEN – Legoland and Amy’s Kitchen may be two front burner projects in Orange County. Amy’s has been approved and is ready to break ground, and Legoland is seeking Town of Goshen approvals to build a theme park. 
There are other potential projects on the drawing boards.
Orange County Partnership Business Development Director William Fioravanti revealed a handful with their code names.
“Project Crystal is a window manufacturer looking for between 40- and 60,000 square feet; 30 to 50 jobs,” Fioravanti said. “Sloop Brewing, up in Columbia County, is looking on the Newburgh Waterfront to expand to have a satellite business there with up to 20 jobs. Project Rex, a company that needs an overhead crane and we actually have a building that just opened up for that and we hope that it works. Hotel investors, we are getting these all of the time. They Legoland is coming; they know we are booming anyway.”
Other coded leads include Project Jaguar, a household products developer and manufacturer looking for a 150,000 SF building or land upon which to build and employ between 30 and 50 people; and Project Blister, a repackaging company in Westchester look to move closer to the owner’s Cornwall home. They are seeking seven- to 10,000 SF and would employ five to 10 jobs.
U.S. Crane, also known as Project Lift, is looking for two facilities for crane construction in Port Jervis and the Town of Newburgh.