Democrats don’t hold back on criticism of GOP proposals


HUDSON VALLEY – Republican
President Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget would cut the funding
out of human services programs from Planned Parenthood, emergency heating
assistance, Meals on Wheels and Medicaid funding.
Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo did not mince words on how he feels about the president.
“There is a radical, conservative ideology that has taken over and that is driving the policy; I think that is what Congressman Paul Ryan represents and they have put forth an agenda that says to New York State, drop dead,” Cuomo said.
The governor was also highly critical of a budget amendment by Republican New York House Members John Faso and Chris Collins, which would remove the $2.2 billion Medicaid payment by upstate counties. Local Republicans the likes of Ulster Legislature Chairman Kenneth Ronk and Columbia County Board of Supervisors Chairman Matthew Murell are praising the proposal as a way to take a financial burden off their taxpayers.
But, Cuomo said the state won’t pick up the tab, which means hospitals and other healthcare facilities will be “devastated” without the needed funding.
Democrat US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand also believes the proposal is outrageous.
“I think the Collins’ amendment is disgraceful. It basically cuts $2 billion out of federal Medicaid funding that New York will receive,” Gillibrand said. “That is a horrible amendment for our state and it’s going to harm a lot of at-risk, at-need families that desperately rely on Medicaid.”
Cuomo said the Republicans in Washington should buy one less military
jet or tank to pay for the Medicaid costs.

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