Orange County man sentenced in shooting death of suspect

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GOSHEN – The Orange County man who shot and killed a rape suspect
on his property back on October 11, 2013, was sentenced in Orange County
Court on Tuesday to five years in state prison.

David Carlson, 45, was convicted in a jury trial last fall on a manslaughter
charge in a case handled by the Westchester County District Attorney’s

Orange County Court Judge Robert Freehill handed down the sentence in
the shooting death of Norris Acosta Sanchez, who had been wanted by Rockland
County authorities on a rape charge.

An earlier charge of murder included in an indictment was dismissed by
Judge Freehill, who said the case was prejudiced because the prosecution
did not allow the grand jury to hear Carlson’s statements claiming
Acosta Sanchez lunged at him.

The victim had been doing odd jobs around Carlson’s house when authorities
came looking for him. He eluded them but when he appeared the following
day, Carlson said he caught him and was walking him to his house to call
police while he had his shotgun trained on him.