Newburgh police chief to retire

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Cameron: “retiring from
law enforcement”

NEWBURGH – Daniel Cameron has received nothing but praise from
all sectors in the City of Newburgh since he took over as head of the
department in the crime-ridden city.

Now, he has informed city officials that he will be retiring as of March

He told his police staff that he has been offered a job in the private
sector that is too good to turn down. He called it “an amazing opportunity”
that he could not find “a practical or sensible reason to turn it

City Councilman Torrance Harvey told Cameron he has been “nothing
short of a well seasoned professional and I genuinely thank you for your
great work and service to our city.”

Harvey said the news is “truly sad… to me as we have seen
great progress in law enforcement efforts in the City of Newburgh.”

Councilwoman Genie Abrams told Cameron that she is “sad and sorry,
but I’m not surprised.” She thanked Cameron for everything
he has done for the city. “You have had an amazing career in Newburgh
and we have come a long way since you’ve been our chief.”
She credited him with bringing in grants, decreasing crime and improving
morale in the police department.”

Cameron has been with the Newburgh police for some 20 years, working his
way through the ranks. He was named provisional chief pending a civil
service exam, but when one was offered early last year, he refused to
take it because it was open competitive, not a promotional test.

Another civil service is coming up, but that one will also be an open
competitive exam and he decided not to take that one as well.
Cameron will suggest to City Manager Michael Ciaravino that he name Lt.
Richard Carion as the lieutenant-in-charge of the police department pending
the outcome of the new civil service exam.