Orange County Latino Democrats criticize Trump


GOSHEN – The group Orange County Latino Democratic Committee is the latest to blast President Trump over his immigration ban and insistence that Mexico pay for a wall that he wants to be built.
Latino group leader Sonia Ayala said if the wall is constructed, it won’t be Mexico paying for it, but rather American taxpayers.
As for the ban, it is out and out wrong, said Ayala.
“He is banning people based on religion and it’s so un-American, it’s just unconstitutional. He should lift the ban and we can look at the process but refugees are vetted, extremely vetted. It takes two years to pass the process.”
Ayala said it is time that the people unite as “one nation, without looking at race or color, to elicit change in a peaceful manner and to remind those in power that ‘we, the people, can make a difference.” 

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