Top New Rochelle officials say “all people of good will are welcomed”


NEW ROCHELLE – One day after President Trump signed an executive order requiring so-called sanctuary cities to turn over illegal aliens or face losing federal funding, New Rochelle city officials said on Thursday “all people of good will are welcomed, valued, and respected in our community, regardless of their origins.”
The label “sanctuary city” is not in the vocabulary of New Rochelle officials, said Mayor Noam Bramson.
“I think the central point to be made here is that when local law enforcement is used as an armed of federal immigration authorities, then that trust breaks down and public safety suffers,” Bramson said.
In a joint statement, the mayor, City Manager Chuck Strome and Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll said for the police department, “maintaining a respectful and mutually support relationship with all constituencies in New Rochelle is not just the right thing to do, it is also necessary to the promotion of public safety, which depends on trust and the free flow of information. That is why local police departments are not and should not engage in immigration enforcement – and our practices in New Rochelle reflect and support this principle.” 

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